GasCam Archive

Gas Rig Comings and goings at the Lennox Field Gas Rig.
(38 pictures)
Freight At work in Liverpool Bay.
  • Regulars - Pilot, dredgers, tugs and cranes (60 pictures)
  • Ferries - Mersey, P&O and Norsemerchant(51 pictures)
Dredger There are 30 sailing a day in and out of Liverpool.
Here are some of them.
Stormy Weather Examples of the sort of weather seen by GasCam.
(37 pictures)
The Grand Turk Some of the unusual visitors to Liverpool including:
  • Mersey River Festival 2004 (Last update: Thu 26 June)
  • All kinds of air craft
  • Cruise ships including QE2 visit on 31st May 2004 and "The World", 3 June 2004
(47 pictures)
The Royal Navy The Navy are in town (35 pictures).
Sailing Ships Sailing By
(45 pictures)
Clipper Yacht The Clipper 2002 round the world yacht race finish - 27th September 2003.
(20 pictures)
Christmas Day Shipping on an untypical day - a misty Christmas 2003.
(16 pictures)

Many thanks to Michael Bracken for identifying some of these ships.
Information and corrections are always welcome.